Thumbnail intro video 26 May 2016

Meet Angèlia Grace – Visionary Soprano

  Angèlia Grace is a visionary soprano. This independent artist is a pioneer in the transformational entertainment industry. Her message is simple: Shine Your Light. With everything that she creates she aspires to inspire mankind to be the light we wish to see in the world.   Angèlia Grace began her singing career on her YouTube channel AngeliaCrystalVoice in September 2012. She began uploading YouTube videos as a way to express herself and experiment with her voice. Little did she know that soon her videos were going to go viral. She became known in the online community for her soundtrack covers. Hans Zimmer’s work is one of her biggest inspirations. Her dream is to work with him one day. On December 8 1990, Angèlia Grace was born in Moscow, …

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