Angèlia Grace - Unconditional Love vs Conditional Love - Singer Songwriter Soprano Composer Vocalist-3

What is Unconditional Love?

While Valentine’s day is the day that most people feel pressured to express their love to their significant other, we forget the importance of showing our love and gratitude to our loved ones every single day of our lives. You never know when our time is up. Life is short. Become a positive bundle of love to your friends, your family, your community, your country, the world… It all starts with unconditional love. When you tap into this infinite source you will see that there is no limit to the extend that love can be given. Imagine what the world would be like if people were more concerned about how much they give, rather than how much they can get.   Mass mind programming to live with a closed heart …

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Debut album CRYSTAL VOICE in the making

CRYSTAL VOICE is the official debut album of visionary soprano and transformational artist – Angèlia Grace. Even though she has released numerous albums and singles before, CRYSTAL VOICE will be a unique compilation of her own original work. For the first time ever she composed her own epic classical crossover music and wrote her songs with actual lyrics. Angèlia Grace is known on YouTube for covering movie soundtracks in tones and sounds, but this time she is setting her mark as a lyrical soprano. Her long awaited debut album which has been in the making for the past 3 years will show her impressive transition from being an instrument to having become an actual singer. Continue reading to discover more juicy details about Angèlia’s promising debut.   The birth of CRYSTAL VOICE   In …

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5 practical ways to manifest your Greatness

There is a simple choice we get to make every single day when we wake up: Are we going to manifest our inner Greatness or are we going to play the victim in the situations that “happen” unto us every day? When I talk about your Greatness, I am talking about your true authentic higher Self. It is the real you that is abundant, joyful, loving, kind, generous. It is everything that would fit in the description of total perfection of your inner being. The victim in you, however, is the lower self that embodies fear, anger, worry, despair, jealousy, resentment and all the other liabilities that are like roadblocks to manifesting you true inner Greatness. So how do you manifest your Greatness? Read along, for I will reveal 5 …

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Thumbnail intro video 26 May 2016

Meet Angèlia Grace – Visionary Soprano

  Angèlia Grace is a visionary soprano. This independent artist is a pioneer in the transformational entertainment industry. Her message is simple: Shine Your Light. With everything that she creates she aspires to inspire mankind to be the light we wish to see in the world.   Angèlia Grace began her singing career on her YouTube channel AngeliaCrystalVoice in September 2012. She began uploading YouTube videos as a way to express herself and experiment with her voice. Little did she know that soon her videos were going to go viral. She became known in the online community for her soundtrack covers. Hans Zimmer’s work is one of her biggest inspirations. Her dream is to work with him one day. On December 8 1990, Angèlia Grace was born in Moscow, …

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