Artist: Angèlia Grace Released: March 16. 2013 Album: Angelic Healing Sleep Genre: A capella, New Age

Angelic Healing Sleep is a therapy album. There is only 1 track where Angèlia Grace sings a capella for 1 hour with her soothing voice. This album is perfect to put on repeat during sleep, meditation or relaxation.

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About the album

Angelic Healing Sleep was born out of the need for better relaxed sleep. While Angèlia struggled with insomnia herself she decided to do an experiment. A lot of people who have been listening to her at the beginning of her career fell asleep during her live performances. Instead of taking this on as an offence she used this strength to create Angelic Healing Sleep.

Now this album is the favourite among healers, therapists, yoga practitioners and meditators. Because the music goes so deep, your mind chatter instantly fades to the background. Your brainwaves drop from Beta to Alpha the moment you start playing the album in a quiet space. The further you get into the 1 hour track your mind gets into a deep Theta state which allows your body, mind and soul to become fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

Angelic Healing Sleep is perfect to put on repeat during sleep, meditation or relaxation. It is often used by therapists to use as a timer for their 1 hour healing sessions. It also allows the client to fully relax in an instant. Angelic Healing Sleep is now available for download.