Artist: Angèlia Grace Released: March 30. 2014 Album: Angelic Tones Genre: A Capella, New Age

Angelic Tones is an a capella album of Angèlia’s very first unique recordings. Each recording is unique since it was entirely improvised (some may say channeled) in an Angelic language. Each track is an Angelic singing prayer.

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About the album


Angelic Tones is unique in every sense of the word. Each track is a unique recording of Angèlia’s improvised Angelic language. For each recording she tuned in on a specific topic and channeled in her Angelic language the mystical words and melody into tangible form. This is what Angèlia was known for as a healing singer before she transitioned into a visionary soprano.

Each track is an singing prayer. The concept for this album began when Angèlia Grace started sharing her very first singing videos on her YouTube channel. This video went viral in which she sang one of her first singing prayers in an unknown Angelic language – live for the world to see.

This album was originally released under the title “Singing Prayers for Infinite Surrender”. The tracks that you find on this album are old recordings that were only available as a limited edition. Now this album is brought back to life under the new title “Angelic Tones” and is now available for all to download.