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Angelia Grace is bringing out her long awaited album CRYSTAL VOICE which has been 8 years in the making. You can pre-order her album here or contribute to her crowdfunding campaign to bring this album to fruition.

CRYSTAL VOICE will be an album with Angelia's own film music compositions. The soundtracks are bound to be epic and at the same time peaceful with her soothing Angelic voice.

What is Unconditional Love?


While Valentine's day is the day that most people feel pressured to express their love to their significant other, we forget the importance of showing our love and gratitude to our loved ones every single day of our lives. You never know when our time is up. Life is short. Become a positive bundle of love to your friends, your family, your community, your country, the world... It all starts with unconditional love. When you tap into this infinite source you will see that there is no limit to the extend that love can be given. Imagine what the world would be like if people were more concerned about how much they give, rather than how much they can get.


Mass mind programming to live with a closed heart


Love is so misunderstood in our today's society. Love has been perverted and polluted with the hyper-sexualization and a misrepresentation of it in magazines, tabloids, Hollywood movies, music videos, main-stream media. We all seem to have been programmed to think of love in a certain way. We have a tendency to accept whatever that has been fed into our minds as our reality. And when this illusionary perception of love that has been presented and suggested to us, is not matching with our reality, we tend to give up on love. We then build a huge wall around our hearts and are afraid to open it again out of fear to get (emotionally) hurt again.

Nowadays, lots of people are living their lives with a closed heart. And perhaps this was exactly the intention for the mass mind programming that is taking place. When the heart is closed, it's easier to control the mind. The closed-heart-syndrome is a collective problem. We have become secluded and are shying away from sharing loving interactions with the world around us. Love is not just something we should share with our friends and families but with all living beings. 

The fact that we have closed our hearts towards all that is around us, has contributed to feeling a sense of division and individuality. We have forgotten to breath as a unified body. To collaborate and work together to unify mankind for a greater purpose and move evolution forward – not backward.


Unconditional Love vs conditional love


Love is like diamond. It has numerous facets and a diversity of colors. No matter how you look at it, from which side, angle or perspective, it is still one and the same diamond. Yet it can be experienced in so many different ways and on so many different levels.

Love can be an attraction to another human being. Love can be passion and desire. Love can be romance. Love can be tender. Love can be caring for your friends and family. Love can be an adventure. Love can be a challenge. But no matter how we experience love, there is a significant difference between conditional and unconditional love.

While conditional love is selfish, materialistic, superficial, limited, conditioned by expectations and the desire to receive – blinded by the myth that attention is equivalent to love – unconditional love is there to give infinitely regardless of the level of struggle and discomfort you or your loved one(s) are going through. Conditional love can only come from a lack of love and it is usually born from pain and suffering or a bad previous experience that has damaged you. But unconditional love on the other hand, is always established from a place of completeness and feeling a sense of wholeness and worthiness within oneself. Relationships that carry that foundation of unconditional love are always infinite, invincible and unbreakable. If they are not, well, then it’s simply not unconditional love.


Testing your level of Unconditional Love


It’s easy to love when circumstances are perfect. But here are a few questions you should ask yourself:  Can you love your significant other when things aren’t so great? Will you or your partner be there during good times and bad times? Can you love your significant other when they are angry or upset with you? Can you love them when they have hurt you or disappointed you? Can you love them when there is suffering or when something unfortunate happens? Can you let your loved one go if you know this is the best for them? Or are you so addicted to their presence that you think you can’t live without them? And is it the person you will miss or their status and possessions or perhaps the attention they gave you?


Look, it’s easy to love when someone is nice to us. When we receive. When we get gifts and presents from our significant other. Or when he or she says those three magic words we all die to hear. We measure love by the amount of "getting". But this is conditional love. It has nothing to do with the other person, but it has everything to do with you. This limited way of loving will inevitably lead to a dead end. It can only exist temporarily. Because no human being can fill the emptiness that we feel within ourselves (which is truly a lack of self-love). It will just ends up in tears because you were let down by your expectations.


How conditional love develops


Love is such a misunderstood concept. We think that love is when we get attention from the person we think we love. But if we feel we need to receive a confirmation that we are worthy enough to be loved it simply means you have not fully embraced loving yourself. The truth is that nobody else but you can make you happy. Your significant other can only contribute in making you happier. But instead of waiting for the other person to make you whole, seek what you are missing within yourself. You will always attract the amount of love that you give. So if you come from a place of expectations, of seeking for a confirmation or validation, we come from a place of lack. And when we come from a place of lack we will inevitably have to seek something or someone to fill us up again. But we forget in that moment that we are the ones that carry that responsibility to make us whole again ourselves. The truth is no one else but you can complete you. Your significant other can only complement you.


When you come from a place of giving without expecting anything in return, you have the best chances of succeeding and of not getting hurt or disappointed again. In fact it will only inspire your loved one to give back even more. Love like a mother would love her child. The bond is unbreakable because that’s when we recognize the other soul as our own. The thing is, every other living being that we encounter is a reflection of who we are. There is no difference between us besides our outer features. But on the inside, we all want to live. We all want to be loved. We all want to be recognized. We all want to respected. When you are becoming more emerged in giving to the other person without expecting anything in return, you will find the love we all have been desperate to find.


Seek out the goodness


Be more interested in giving than receiving. Be the love you wish to see in the world. We can then experience love on a completely different level that transcends anything in our world of human existence if we simply open our hearts to unconditional love again. And yes, it takes a lot of courage to do that. Unconditional love is only for those that are brave enough to let go of their past hurts and are willing to be patient and to infinitely forgive without looking back. Because nobody is perfect. And you can’t expect the other person to change. We are all learning at our own pace and with that we are going to make mistakes. Which inevitably leads to hurting others and getting hurt ourselves. But if you decide to play it safe, you will never be able to experience the beauty of true love.


Try to always see the good in the other person even when they are not capable of showing it for a moment. It does not mean that the other person can walk over you or misuse your goodness, it simply means that you are strong enough to love yourself first and to wholeheartedly be there, holding the space, for your loved one until they are ready to love themselves again too.


Grown apart from each other?


And if the time comes that you are no longer growing together but that you have grown apart from each other, that’s okay too. Simply be grateful for the lessons you have learned from each other and every second you have spend together. Forgive each other for the hurt that has been caused and let each other go with the blessing to live to your happiest fullest potential. If something doesn’t work out don’t be upset about it, celebrate it, because it means that there is something far more better waiting for you. But if you keep holding on to the past, you won’t be able to receive the future.


I know all of this is easier said than done. But look on positive side, you still have the rest of your life to get the hang of this. I just wish you that you will find the courage to give and experience unconditional love from this day forward. I’m curious to hear from you: what does unconditional love mean to you? Let me know in the comments section down below.


And remember: Be the Light you wish to see in the world.

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Heart to Heart,

Angèlia Grace



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Debut album CRYSTAL VOICE in the making

official-cover-crystal-voice-debut-album-angelia-graceCRYSTAL VOICE is the official debut album of visionary soprano and transformational artist – Angèlia Grace. Even though she has released numerous albums and singles before, CRYSTAL VOICE will be a unique compilation of her own original work. For the first time ever she composed her own epic classical crossover music and wrote her songs with actual lyrics. Angèlia Grace is known on YouTube for covering movie soundtracks in tones and sounds, but this time she is setting her mark as a lyrical soprano. Her long awaited debut album which has been in the making for the past 3 years will show her impressive transition from being an instrument to having become an actual singer. Continue reading to discover more juicy details about Angèlia's promising debut.


The birth of CRYSTAL VOICE


In 2012 Angèlia Grace began her life-changing music journey. It was a time where she was still struggling to find her identity as an artist. She began uploading weekly a capella YouTube videos to experiment with her voice. Slowly but surely she created a following of viewers that have now become loyal super fans that watched her grow over the years into an established music artist.

From the day I decided to take my singing seriously and to turn my passion into a career I felt I began my training. I envisioned myself as a successful artist that is making a positive change in the world with her music reaching millions of people. My dream seemed so big and impossible, but luckily I have loving parents, a supportive manager and team, amazing friends and family and a huge following of fans that have supported me unconditionally throughout all these years. They are my support team that fuel me to turn this vision into a living reality. The day my training is finished and I am ready to launch my career, I will release my debut album CRYSTAL VOICE.



The making of the album


The long awaited album is still fully in the making. The anticipation for its release is growing by every day. Angèlia is promising that it is worth the long wait. Patience will be greatly rewarded when you will get a copy of CRYSTAL VOICE. The album is a compilation of Angèlia's latest and best original work that she wrote and composed herself.

For many years people have been waiting for the release of CRYSTAL VOICE. There were many times it was ready for release, but then something stopped me and reminded me that I'm not ready yet. The reason being, my voice is growing and still developing at a massive speed. What was good a month ago is incomparible with what I can do now. The growth of my voice is affecting me internally as an artist as well. For a moment I was going through an artistic mid-life crisis. I had to recalibrate and reinvent myself as an artist. I had to come clear on how I want to present myself to the world. This only shows me that I am not ready to launch my debut yet. My debut album feels like a thesis to me. When my study is completed I will be ready to share my gift with the world.

The message behind CRYSTAL VOICE


The songs in CRYSTAL VOICE will be a representation of the essence of Angèlia's message that she wants to convey to the world. Angèlia's inspiration for this album came from world events and personal experiences that have changed the course of life. As a transformational artist she wants to be the voice of those that have none. Through her songs she hopes to leave an impact on the listener's mind that inspire them to be the change they wish to see in the world. Her message is simple: All life is sacred and everything and everyone deserves to live and be loved.

CRYSTAL VOICE is meant to serve as a call to action to be a peace pillar in times of chaos and despair. With all the shocking events going on in the world it is easy to become hopeless and restless. Angèlia wants to remind with the songs released on this album that there is always hope. In fact, YOU are the hope for the world as long as you are alive. When you live, you can make a difference. There is no point in watching the news and feel sorry for those that are suffering if you don't do anything about it. Stand up for a cause you believe in and shine your light. It will inspire others to do the same.

I am here to be the voice of those that have none. I want to make people aware through my songs and to remind them that all life is sacred and that all living beings deserve to live in peace & happiness and to be loved. I want to be a humanitarian representing those who have lost their voice and have been deprived from living life in peace, in joy, in happiness and in love with the respect they deserve through my music. CRYSTAL VOICE is the voice of the suffering planet that pleads for help.


To stay notified of the progress of the album and to be the first to know the official release date, subscribe to Angèlia's newsletter here:

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5 practical ways to manifest your Greatness

There is a simple choice we get to make every single day when we wake up: Are we going to manifest our inner Greatness or are we going to play the victim in the situations that "happen" unto us every day? When I talk about your Greatness, I am talking about your true authentic higher Self. It is the real you that is abundant, joyful, loving, kind, generous. It is everything that would fit in the description of total perfection of your inner being. The victim in you, however, is the lower self that embodies fear, anger, worry, despair, jealousy, resentment and all the other liabilities that are like roadblocks to manifesting you true inner Greatness. So how do you manifest your Greatness? Read along, for I will reveal 5 practical ways that you can easily apply in your daily life.


#1 Simply live & live simply


Many times have I asked myself the question: "Why is Life so complicated?" I always received the answer back: "Because human beings make it so difficult..." Life was never intended to be difficult. When we live according to nature's laws, Life becomes a simplistic flow of grace. Look at the animals, the trees, the flowers, the sky, the rain, the ocean... Everything in nature is simplified and yet so perfect and profound. It is through this simplicity that everything aligns in equality and unites in perfect harmony.

So why do we complicate things so much? Especially when it causes us such suffering among ourselves and unto others? This is a question only you can answer for yourself. It is a very personal journey through self-discovery. Personally, I believe it's because this is how we learn. Life graced us with the incredible gift of free will. This allows us to experiment and to experience to see what works in life and what doesn't. It gives us the opportunity to discover that our own will can only bring us thus far. If we want to g(r)o(w) further in life, we have to surrender our personal wanting in order to reach that total state of perfection which is the full manifestation of your inner Greatness.




#2 Shine your Light & leave the victim consciousness behind


I often speak during my performances about shining your inner Light. It simply means: claiming your inner Greatness. Every man, woman and child on this planet deserves to live their lives to their absolute fullest potential. Unfortunately, many live entrapped lives and suffer by their circumstances. When you decide to shine your light, you are breaking free from your old life where you felt limited. In other words, you are leaving your victim way of thinking behind. Instead of letting things happen unto you, you start making them happen for the right reasons. You do this by staying true to yourself. When you shine your light, you no longer allow yourself to suffer as a victim. You then replace your blaming and complaining for taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you. Even when you get into situations that you initially didn't cause yourself. In one way or another, we attracted these situations into our lives or life gave it unto us to learn an important lesson. The truth is, it does not matter what the reason is. The only thing that truly matters is how well you handle the situation.

Shining your inner light means being your true authentic higher self. When you shine your light you are manifesting your Greatness. Imagine if we would all live our lives from this state of inner Greatness. There would be no competition, only cooperation. Because in this state of consciousness we are all returning to our original roots of nature. And in nature, everything is interconnected. When we live our lives as a victim, we disconnect from nature's circle of oneness. We then tend to blame others for our unhappiness and we complain about all the things that are wrong in our life. But when we shine our light, we instantly switch the light on in our minds and we start seeing life as it was intended to be. We have the power to decide how long we will remain in this victim consciousness. We have the power to make the choice to shine our light from this day forward and start living the lives of our dreams right now.


#3 Be happy & Stay Positive



No matter what comes on your plate: be happy and stay positive. I can't tell you this enough times. This principle has become my life's motto, my philosophy, my way of living. It has saved me many times from getting sucked into negative situations that could have brought me down or limited in my life's journey. Inevitably we are all going to experience setbacks. If there is only one thing that you will remember from this article, may it be this: all the "bad" things that happen to you are there to make you grow into the best possible version of yourself. When things get tough, that's life pushing you to your limits. This is something you should be extremely grateful for – not complain or get frustrated about, because it means that there is more Greatness inside of you desperately waiting to get manifested. I turned it into a game for myself. Every time there is something negative coming my way, I flip it around and think of all the positive reasons why this is such a good thing happening to me. For some people it can be annoying, but I tell you, it is contagious!



#4 Break free from anything and anyone that does not support you


You deserve to be free and happy. You deserve to to live the good life. You deserve to live your life with the greatest passion. You deserve to reach your goals and dreams. Life is just too short to live it by other people's rules and to live unhappily ever after. We need to create a support team. A support team is a network of loyal friends and superfans that support you unconditionally in everything that you do. But as we all know, life is not always sweet and rosy. You will inevitably have people and situations in your life that are not supporting your dreams at all. All those circumstances that hold you back from moving forward and growing into the best possible version of yourself become paralysing drugs that drag us through life. It is highly important to break free from this. I'm not saying walk away from your responsibilities or create an I-don't-care attitude. Instead, find people that love you for who you are and are supportive of you no matter what. Spend more time with them and limit your time with non-supportive people. It is important to forgive those that are non-supportive. Don't take it personal. They simply don't understand what you are doing and they are afraid that you may not succeed because they know they certainly wouldn't succeed at what you are doing. Just see it as their way of showing their love to you. (Remember? Be happy & stay positive :) )


#5 Master your Mind


If we don't watch our mind, it can drive us absolutely crazy. Every day we get hundreds of thousands of thoughts. It's like the busy traffic on the road. But as soon as we start worrying we create a mental traffic jam. We get stuck, we get frustrated and sometimes even depressed. I can't stress it enough how important it is to start mastering your mind. When you become the master instead of the victim of your mind, you will be the policemen that is regulating the traffic in your head. You will be the one in charge that will decide which thought will enter and which one needs to be averted into the other direction. Thoughts are extremely powerful, but you are more powerful when you are in control over them. You can then direct your thoughts and start creating the life that you desire.



Meet Angèlia Grace – Visionary Soprano


Angèlia Grace is a visionary soprano. This independent artist is a pioneer in the transformational entertainment industry. Her message is simple: Shine Your Light. With everything that she creates she aspires to inspire mankind to be the light we wish to see in the world.


Angèlia Grace began her singing career on her YouTube channel AngeliaCrystalVoice in September 2012. She began uploading YouTube videos as a way to express herself and experiment with her voice. Little did she know that soon her videos were going to go viral. She became known in the online community for her soundtrack covers. Hans Zimmer's work is one of her biggest inspirations. Her dream is to work with him one day.

On December 8 1990, Angèlia Grace was born in Moscow, Russia. At a very early age she moved to The Netherlands. She grew up in Tilburg,  a town in the province of Noord-Brabant. In May 2014 she moved to Ireland. This is where she currently resides and takes her vocal studies at the Bel Canto School of Singing under the tutoring of Frank Merrimen and Edwin Williamson.

As an independent artist Angèlia Grace created a platform for her creativity to take shape instead of waiting for someone to discover her. Everything that Angèlia creates, she approaches it as a work of art. Whether she is creating a new music video, composes a new piece or writes a new song it is important to her that she keeps the freedom to decide what she is going to create and how she is going to do it. That's why she never sought the attention of record labels and remains walking the road of a true indie artist.

Through her inspirational musical art she wants to give people the courage to shine their inner light. Her main message is to remind people of their own inner value so they become aware that they are unique, special and important and that they cannot be replaced. With her music she wants to create a place where others can remember what it's like to live in a perfect world. A world where we experience permanent peace, unconditional love, kindness, compassion and generosity towards one another – a world where we will inspire each other to be the light we wish to see in the world. As a visionary artist she keeps the vision that one day this world will become a living reality. Her many inspirational works serve as a contribution to this cause.


For more information about Angèlia Grace click here to read her biography.