Angelic Healing Sleep (download)

Allow the mind chatter to slowly turn into inner silence with the Angelic Healing Sleep therapy download. Angèlia Grace sings for 1 hour with her Angelic soothing voice with no beginning nor ending.

Angelic Tones (download)

Angelic Tones is unique collection of Angèlia’s first a capella songs that she sang in an Angelic language. These unique singing prayers were recorded in 2014 and have never been released to the public before.

ASATOMA (download)

ASATOMA is an album that contains 12 soothing mantras that are perfect for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Angèlia Grace gave an Angelic western twist to these ancient Sanskrit & Buddhist mantras.

Echoes of Peace (download)

Echoes of Peace is a love child between meditative sounds and emotional film soundtracks. It is a soul-indulging album that is great for easy listening. There is a rich multitude of musical colours, depicted in relaxing sounds and vocalised angelic tones. Angèlia Grace has been known on YouTube for her soundtrack covers. Echoes of Peace is her very first original album as a vocalist soprano. Click here to pre-listen.