Kevin James heart circle song. Guest star: Angèlia Grace

This event is now fully SOLD OUT! But you can also see Kevin James at the Buddha Bag this Thursday! And we are looking at maybe putting on another event before the big one! Please remember that its a ticket only event only people with tickets can enter due to the nature of the space. No payments accepted at the door. Special thanks to all of you for buying tickets!!!

Kevin James, Kim Kindersley and Friends return from Bali for another magical gathering 2016.

An evening of singing, chanting, dance into the night with special guests, great friends and many treats.

Let’s begin at 6:00 pm and let the night unfold.

A light social gathering for an hour, meeting new and old friends then at 07:30 pm the Heart Song begins!

When we have reached full resonance the DJ will play us through the night inside the Tower to a free flowing state of bliss.

Raw juices and vegan snacks will be available for purchase throughout the evening.

We have a max capacity so please reserve your space ASAP.
Tickets available here to help us at least cover our costs (€25 + booking fee of €2.20):